Delani Luz (2007)

Teodora LF x Luz Viajero
Now owned and Loved by Colleen Sheahan of Oregon

Recent update from Colleen:

“Just wanted you to know Delani’s happy and healthy. She was in training at my instructor’s barn up until a couple months ago, I moved her next to home for the Spring/Summer for trail riding. Her new best friend is my Arab mare Najah, they do everything together, and Najah is very much the boss which young Delani finds comforting. They have a nice shelter with deep sand to lie in, a seasonal creek, a pasture the size of a couple football fields with countless oak trees to shade them. Basically it’s horse paradise! Delani seemed in wonderment when I was able to finally let them out full time now that the grass is more mature/no longer dangerous for laminitis. I love Delani and she loves me, she is the friendliest, most in your pocket horse ever, and such a pretty mover and athlete. Thanks again for selling me Delani, she is much adored!”