Godiva (2010)

Bandolero x Helageva
Pure Spanish filly

Godiva is a beautiful, sweet mare with Olympic bloodlines – grandsire of her dam, Helageva, is the famous Evento from the Atlanta Olympics. She is a DREAM HORSE for the Adult Amateur and is already under saddle! She has a fantastic temperament, beautiful Baroque conformation with good bone and strong hooves, as well as great movement. She has a gorgeous full thick tail, and a short back and beautifully rounded body much like her Daddy. Her sire is our own fabulous Spanish imported PRE stallion, Bandolero CLXXVI, now showing Prix St. Georges. Bandolero’s magnificent temperament allows him to be ridden and shown by an adult amateur – he is often mistaken for a gelding due to his calm disposition. Both Bandolero and Helageva have received best movement awards.

We started Godiva under saddle this past summer and she has been very easy to train, she behaves perfectly, learns quickly, and is eager to please! Although she is young, her temperament is an amateur’s dream! She doesn’t spook easily, has no mare-ish behavior, is very willing and does not carry tension. Although calm, she is not lazy.    She recently placed 3rd in a class of 8 experienced horses in her very first show! We have also taken her out on the trail several times, and again she has behaved perfectly!  She has easily crossed bridges and running water, and dealt bravely with dogs, bikes, strollers & passing horses.

Because she is young, we are taking her training slowly.  For a video taken in October, please follow this link: http://youtu.be/pGfpBpgP-Oc 
She has progressed significantly since then, so if you are interested, we will take some updated footage.

She is registered with IALHA and inscribed with ANCCE (carta in hand). Her price will continue to increase as her training progresses.
Approved home only.